My Reviews

Alrighty my review system.

I’ve recently started this blog in the hopes to connect my favorite books with my favorite music.

However, this task isn’t as easy as I would have thought since every book and every song has it’s own distinct ‘vibe’ whether it’s elegance, funny, spunky, dark etc. However, I only know of so many songs!


GASP! I know. Unfortunately, that means I cannot with absolute 100% surety guarantee I will be able to find a song for your book. I’ll search through everything and try my absolute hardest, but I just cannot guarantee.

Therefore, since I don’t want to half as* it, and I don’t want to disappoint either of us. If I can’t find a song, I will still post a review on Goodreads, but not on this blog – until I find that perfect song that is! \



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