I’m a twenty something year old university business student who probably spends a little too much time in her head and not enough looking at accounting.

Florence + the Machine has to be my favorite singer and I’m addicted to TV shows such as The Crazy Ones, Two Broke Girls, True Blood, Teen Wolf… among others which I’m drawing a blank at.

But other than watching TV I spend my days reading and beta-reading. I’ve worked on projects with Cecilia Robert, author of “Homecoming: A Cloaked Devices Short Story”, Tanya Holmes, author of “Within Temptation”, Sarah Darlington, author of “He Belongs with Me” and many more. If a story is NA/Adult and has romance in it… I’m probably game.

Also, as you can probably guess, I’m an avid reader and probably more of a dreamer than a realist.

I’ve been working on my book for the past year and half, and I’m really hoping to have it finished and off for editing within the next year, so keep your eyes out for updates.

You can find me on Goodreads at:


And Blogger:


Anyways, I’m not really all that interesting, but I hope to keep you all entertained and engaged with book blog I’ve started!

And finally here’s a cute penguin.



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