The Race to Forever Begins…

Can we say PRETTY COVER!! Yes, yes I think we can.

I mean look at it. It’s just so romantic with the desaturated colors on the flower, the water, the white… elegant. Just elegant LOL.

Info on the Book:

Carson Bradley has been under the impression that his heart was decommissioned and torn apart when he lost his first love in a slow, agonizing battle of illness fifteen years ago.

When his plane crashes into the ocean and he finds himself washed up on a beach grasping the ankle of a young, beautiful medical resident, he realizes that maybe the possibility of finding love again, isn’t as far away as he thought.

Lillian Ly had one main concern in her life: becoming a doctor. It was her dream and nothing was going to hold her back, but when she finds herself taking care of a handsome businessman, she realizes that maybe things aren’t always supposed to be planned out & that she needs to let the reins go a bit, in order to find her true happiness and maybe even her Forever.

 Beginning with Forever <—- Click to check it out on Goodreads

What’s not found in the Synopsis:

Song selection time! For this book I have:

Au Revoir

by One Republic

Alrighty, why this song? I honestly just found this vibe to be awesome for this book. It’s a little soft, and a little elegant – just like the cover and the writing style. Also, frankly something about it just reminds me of Carson.

Overall Rating: 3.75 Stars ***3/4

 I loved Lan’s writing style and how she paints her characters.

Carson is so sophisticated – even when his lips are chapped, he’s dehydrated and covered in seaweed – that man still had style.

Casting for Carson: (Well I just can’t deny David Gandy is kind of awesome..)

AND (just in case you are truly truly offended that I selected a picture to represent a major CEO and he’s not in a suit – here’s something to satisfy. What can I say, I like to please my audience)

 He was also an incredibly refreshing CEO character. While still dominant, he wasn’t domineering. You could see from his actions that he truly cared about Lillian and that he would give anything and everything for her, if she just asked for it.

For Lillian my cast is: Stephanie Jacobsen

I mean I feel like she can pull of anything from sexy to elegant to sweet… Look she can even do the scrubs 😀

Anyways, it’s an enjoyable book, but personally I just had a hard time getting truly invested in the characters. It started out great, but then I found myself weaning a bit just because I wanted more… “feels”. If that makes sense. I wanted more about his first love and I wanted to feel his pain for her more than I did. I wanted some struggle – but I LOVE angst – from him about her.

But overall, Lan has a lovely writing style. Her characters are poised, sweet, caring and while there some characters I wanted to beat upside the head and shake them, *ahem* Bianca/Richard – sorry did I say that aloud? Carson & Lillian had you rooting for them from the get go – their first meeting was just so original!

And frankly, check out this teaser:

Hey, hey. Nudge nudge.

You’re definitely in store for sexy times that’s for sure!


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