Four Seconds till You Lose Your Heart

Four Seconds to Lose (Ten Tiny Breaths, #3)

Ah yes, here we go. As mentioned in my Blog post about “One Tiny Lie” by K.A Tucker, I said I would try and write a review for all these books in the series (because it was just so AMAZING!). Well, here I am trying to follow up on said promise.

 Info on the Book:

While owning a strip club might seem like every man’s dream, Cain would beg to differ. The stress of employing woman who’s problems seem never ending, the long hours, and the cops constantly supervising him to make sure that there’s nothing scuzzy going on in the dark, have left him exhausted and wondering whether saving the woman he hires is truly possible.

In comes Charlie Rourke. A girl who has an uncanny similarity to someone Cain once loved and the ability to test Cain’s number one rule: “No Sleeping with the Staff”.

Charlie Rourke is on the run. She needs money and she needs it now. While stripping wasn’t something she’d ever wanted to consider doing, she’s willing to do whatever it take to ensure her true identity disappears.

However, despite the fact she can’t afford to get distracted, she finds herself she gets caught up in Cain’s dark eyes, before she realizes it, she’s in too deep and putting him in danger. When things begin to spiral out of control, their love is put to the test.

Things not found in the Synopsis:

I think this song works 😀


By Hayden Calnin

I am in love with song. I figured it suited these two’s story because for it me represents a type of bubble which is what their relationship is. It was sad, and seemingly happy, but there was truly so many secrets…

Overall Rating: 5 Stars *****

Every time I read one of K.A Tuckers books I always feel like it’s bitter sweet. When One Tiny Lie came out and I realized it was about Livie made me disappointed because I loved Kacey and Trent and then Wow!! Did I fall in love with Livie and Ashton.

So the same kind happened when I learnt Four Seconds to Lose wasn’t about Kacey or Livie… but then BAM! I officially met Cain as more than just a strip club owner and Charlie as a stripper. I went “Well,  here we go…”<—(Random: This makes me so thirsty!)

And “go” we did LOL.

What a beautiful story that me questioning right from wrong, truth vs lies and everything I thought I knew about morals and ethics. Their story is unique, it’s the story of a man who is searching for redemption in the arms of a girl, who doesn’t know what part of herself is real and which isn’t.

I loved Cain in this book, and I’m so happy that K.A Tucker decided to write from his POV. I’d always been curious about this guy, because something about him just never really added up to me, but he has definitely won me over. He was incredibly sweet – and TOUGH! I like me an Alpha Male

Yes, Cain, yes you are!

The romance in it, is HOT, SEXY, STEAMING, SWEET blah blah blah – I’ll let you all decide what you think of it 😀

Four Seconds to Lose makes your heart pound because your desperate to have these two people find their happily ever after, but you know they’re only heading for disaster. I loved it and I think this is my favorite of the series… but then that’s what I say about all these books, so now I’m left questioning my definition of ‘favorite’ 😛

Anyways, strongly recommended!



PS. I’m disappointed that the next book isn’t about Cain or Kacey or Livie… but hey… I’ll probably be calling that my favorite too!


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