The Circus is Coming to Town, Ladies & Gentlemen

That’s right you’ve heard correctly. And it’s not just any circus.

Here there’s no such thing as frightening clowns, bright colors, falling apart tents or worn down rides.

No, this circus is unique. It’s a feast for the senses, where acrobats perfectly catch the light as they spin and fall. Where the drinks are only made of the richest of chocolate and caramel. Where each tent has the potential to outshine and outdo the last.

Here tents are black and white and kept in the highest condition. Here is where fantasy becomes reality and where the lines of truth and science begin to blur. 


Here is where Dreams can Become Nightmares.


 I’d like to introduce you all to Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus

As the title says it’s a circus that opens at nightfall and closes at dawn. From the ground to the sky everything is either black or white with only the bright red from the rêveurs scarves representing any form of color.

It’s a place that is literally woven with magic, that makes it both unbelievable, yet incredibly tangible.

Some Info on the Book:

“The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not.

The black sign, painted in white letters that hangs upon the gates, reads:
Opens at Nightfall
Closes at Dawn

As the sun disappears beyond the horizon, all over the tents small lights begin to flicker, as though the entirety of the circus is covered in particularly bright fireflies. When the tents are all aglow, sparkling against the night sky, the sign appears.

Le Cirque des Rêves
The Circus of Dreams.
Now the circus is open.
Now you may enter.”

-Erin Morgenstern

While that pretty sums up the experience that you would have the pleasure of getting into with this elegant tale, it’s also filled with romance, loss, and begs the question “How far would you go to save the one you love?”

Celia Bowen was just a young girl when her mother committed suicide and she dumped into the care of her neglectful father Prospero the Enchanter aka Hector Bowen. Incidentally, Celia is blessed – or cursed – with a natural talent of breaking things … and putting them back together. Hector sees this a prize that he can use against his competitor.

Unfortunately, his competitor also has a student who calls himself Marco.

When Celia and Marco encounter eachothers beautiful, mind altering creations that play part in the circus, what will happen when they fail to distinguish what is competition and what is a gift?

The Night Circus on Goodreads <—– Click to visit the page

Onto Review & MUSIC

The song I would choose for this book is….


by Evanescence

Yep, that’s right. Evanescence. Can you truly go wrong with a voice like Amy Lee’s and a vibe that’s so overall haunting, romantic and filled with melancholy? Besides, I’ve seen Amy Lee sport the Gothic outfits with the corsets and I can’t help but feel like if anyone where to represent this book… it would be her.

My overall rating for the book: 4 Stars ****- (Probably should be 3.5, but I can’t bring myself to do it)

I really really really want to give it five, just because I LOVE it so much, but I know that wouldn’t be fair. This isn’t a book you read if your expecting a wonderful plot or characters who are deeply developed.

It’s a book you read when you want a truly immersive experience that will leave you dreaming and wanting something that is impossible. The Night Circus is an experience book. It appeals to your senses, not so much your emotions. It creates an entirely new world that is mysterious, whimsical and dark.

However, like I said… the plot… it’s a little weak and at times a little hard to follow – not overly so, but you have to be paying attention. The characters are developed enough to get you through, but their general motivations were a little lacking to me. I don’t know what drove them other than the pressure from their mentors. But other than that… I didn’t have much to go off of. I knew they fell in love – and if I had a guy making the tents that Marco made, Hell yes, I’d probably fall in love without meeting him too – but this being said… it could be a little hard to digest. However, they were still interesting in their own respects and I was invested in them as a couple.

Anyways, overall the circus itself was amazing, and for me, made up the possible pitfalls this book could have fallen into. When I’m rich and famous (because we are all going to be rich and famous right?) I will create The Night Circus.




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